Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 weeks out...

Here we go again. The familiar smell of tilapia, garlic and asparagus fills my house. My alarm buzzes loudly at 4:45am every morning signaling that it's time for the gym. My protein smoothie tastes more and more like a real milkshake everyday since it's the only sweet thing I get to eat. AH yes, competition season has officially started!

Although many aspects of the training and diet are similar to last year, my goals and expectations are drastically different. Last year, I was figuring out what this competition stuff was all about. This year, I am coming to win it all. My goal is to earn Professional status at the Nationals competition in Las Vegas in July, but the journey to the prize starts now. The first step is my first competition of the year, Muscle Contest Los Angeles, in March.

I am currently 5 weeks away from the Muscle Contest. It's a given that there will be lots of hard work, sweat and pain as I continue to transform my body in the weeks to come. More importantly, I am thinking like a winner. I realize my thoughts are powerful and have a profound impact on my actions. With each lift and each cardio session, I am visualizing myself in the best shape I have ever been, my smile radiating confidence and genuine passion for fitness, my eyes piercing through and connecting with each person in the audience. I see myself walking with the attitude of a winner, giving off an energy that causes you to stop and want to watch. Then, I see myself winning.

I am so excited about this year and all that is to come. Follow me on this journey to earn my IFBB Bikini Pro Card in 2011...

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  1. Wow, Jada. Your dedication and professionalism is blowing my mind. Mad respect. And awesome blog!


  2. Thanks Newsha :) Means a lot coming from you! I appreciate the encouragement! See you soon!


  3. Hi! Iv just discovered you and your blog. I am currently preparing for my first fitness bikini contest here in the UK.
    May I ask how many weeks out you start with prep for bikini contests?
    I am currently 10 weeks out and today is my first day with all my prep (meals etc).

    Also do you have any advice you can pass on which may help me on my journey.

    Look forward to your response :o)

    Thankyou x

  4. Hey Natalie! I ususally start about 10 weeks out with diet and training. It all depends on how fast your body responds! congrats on the decision to do your first show! It's an amazing experience :) Soooo important to enjoy the process of training. My best advice is to get a plan and STICK TO IT! There are a bunch of ways to get ready for a show and you will find that EVERYONE has an opinion on what's best. Most of the advice you will hear is valid but in order for YOU to be successful, get ONE plan and stick to it. I work with a coach and pretty much do what my coach advises until show day. Consistency is key and focusing on the end result will get you through any rough patches. You will have the days where you are sick of oatmeal, or don't feel like going to the gym but that's the time you just PUSH THROUGH and do it, no matter how you feel. Good luck with your show prep!! it's an awesome journey that is well worth the sacrifice. Keep me updated!!! Feel free to email me,