Monday, March 21, 2011

1 week out...

Actually, I am 5 DAYS out from my 4th NPC Bikini Division competition!!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!! I am beyond excited and I'm so glad because this is the time that I start to feel all the hard work :) It really helps as the adrenaline kicks in during these last cardio sessions and lifts leading up to the show.

I am practicing my poses and stage presence everyday so that it becomes almost automatic. I love it when I get to the place when my body memorizes where to go! This takes my focus off of specific poses and allows me to let my personality shine :) It's that little extra that will set me apart from other competitors on show day.

I am still enjoying each moment...loving my contest prep meals, loving the burn I feel in my muscles during each lift, loving the fact that every minute of cardio is executed to the best of my ability!

Although winning overall is my goal, I know that no matter what happens, I have trained like a WINNER. I have no regrets, no shoula-woulda-coulda's, and no days that I wish I could have taken back to do over. I have truly given my all and my BEST. I am proud of myself and that feels great.

Now, the challenge is to keep this calm and focus over the next few days LOL Distractions always seem to creep up close to the main event! Last minute things always pop up in life, but the ability to deal with the surprises without losing stride is an acquired skill. My plan for maintaining balance, calmness and focus is continuing to have my time with God in prayer and reading His Word! It's amazing how that sets my day up for success and changes my outlook!

So, the countdown is officially on...5 days to go!

In Health,



  1. Counting down with ya, and following daily!! Great job and keep going with a smile :)

    ~~Barbara Ann~~

  2. amen i agree with you! great is your peace and undisturbed composure. the Joy of the Lord is your strength. you are a winner for sure!