Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 days out...

I'm 10 days out from the LA!!!!!!! This month has gone by so fast...I keep saying that but I really cannot believe how fast the days are going. I checked in with my coach yesterday and I am completely on track as far as my body and training. It's great because I don't feel like I'm starving, I have energy and I'm truly loving each day of prep. What's really interesting is that this time in my life has been filled with a ton of uncertainty. I am surrounded by circumstances that I cannot control, and I am learning to let go and do the absolute BEST with what I have in my hand

I have always believed that blessings come when you learn to take care of and grow what you have in your hand. So many wish away life, dreaming about all the things they wish they had and they neglect what they already do have. This dream state can really take over some one's life when they find themselves in a time of instability or uncertainty. They can feel overwhelmed and only focus on their problem, forgetting any positives and unintentionally missing opportunity for growth and reward. While I have had challenging situations before, this is my first time truly being uncertain about what is to come next. I have had to take my own advice and focus on what I do have in my hand, which is my knowledge and passion for fitness, training business and goal of becoming Pro.

For the past 2 months, I have focused my energy on helping more clients, training hard to be ready for my shows and being an example of health and fitness to everyone I meet. It is truly amazing to see how right in the middle of a crazy time in life, God is truly blessing me! I am so proud to be a part of Team HMB and a Top Secret Nutrition athlete! I am so excited that I am being blessed with increased opportunities to help others with their fitness goals! I am so excited that my hard work is paying off and I believe that I will bring my best body yet to the stage at Nationals.

Let me encourage you to focus on the positive things you have in your hand. Have you gone above and beyond to grow those things? Have you given your best effort with those talents and passions that you possess? Do you need to re-focus and get your mind off of the wish list and start taking care of the responsibilities and opportunities in front of you?

I know this is challenging, but it's true. No one is going to drop anything into your lap. Take what you have, STRETCH yourself and see changes happen.

In Health,


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