Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's NOT what you see...

A few days ago, after a sweat-filled cardio session, I rushed home to jump in the shower before having dinner. There is a mirror in my bathroom and there was a moment that I stopped and stared at myself and thought "what the heck happened????" What I saw before me was a shadow of my competition body and I immediately felt discouragement fall on me. While the last 6-7 weeks had been a struggle as far as eating is concerned, THIS week I ate well for 7 days STRAIGHT and I subconsciously expected there to be some kind of miraculous, HUGE change LOL! Of course I know that change doesn't happen that fast but it's funny how sometimes we REALLY think that our bodies are going to bounce back overnight!! After I got over my little pity party (about 5 min later), I realized that if I am truly going to be successful with my "living healthy" perspective, I could not allow myself to be all caught up in what I see in the mirror day to day.

The phrase "it's not what you see, it's what you do" immediately popped into my head and I realized that my daily focus had to be on my ACTIONS, not physical changes in my body. I could put all of my energy into staring at myself into the mirror and telling myself that I don't like what I see and it wouldn't do a darn thing!! But, putting my energy into prepping my food, kicking butt on my workouts and giving my all during cardio will do something over time...key words there are "over time." Change happens when you make daily decisions to stick to your plan and that's where our focus needs to be. That day, I made a commitment to myself to stop focusing on what I see and focus on what actions that will bring change over time.

Honestly, the past 2 days with my action focus have been really amazing. I haven't felt disappointed with myself or my body because I know that I am doing everything that I can do to establish good habits and I know that change will come.

The journey really never stops LOL it just changes… and once you "arrive", it's not long before the next challenge presents itself :) Enjoy your journey. I'm enjoying mine.

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  1. SO good and just what I needed to read. :-)