Friday, December 30, 2011

8 weeks...

So this whole “tired” thing just started to kick in this week. I was at the gym yesterday, in a spin class. Normally spin is challenging for me but that day was CRAZY. I pushed myself so hard and there were times I honestly thought I was going to have to quit. My body felt like it was literally dragging. I made it through 45 minutes of the class and gave it everything I had.
Even though I gave my best in the workout, I walked out of class slightly disappointed in myself. I was mad that I couldn’t finish. I was mad that I was breathing so hard. I was mad that I felt like this wasn’t my body.

I sat down outside of the spin room to change back into my regular shoes. I looked up, and in my line of sight walked a woman who looked like she was about 9 months pregnant. I felt my frustration melt away as I watched her start to stretch and prepare for her workout. I was SO encouraged just by seeing her there. I felt like I had to walk over and tell her that she literally had just made my day a thousand times better LOL She had her earphones in so I got her attention and then proceeded to tell her that I was about 2 months pregnant and feeling SOOOOO tired! She just smiled at me and said, “honey, it will get so much better!” That was all I needed to hear. She actually recognized me and said she had taken a few of my classes. I was so excited to hear that I had inspired her before…just like she inspired me today.

I swear that lady was a God-send that day. It’s really interesting how hard on ourselves we can be during times of transition and new experiences. After thinking about it, I really didn’t even give myself a chance! I started with the negative and hadn’t appreciated the things I was doing well. I have been working out consistently. I have been eating well. I didn’t let being tired destroy my workouts. These are all things to celebrate!

I learned to be a little nicer to myself that day. I have to realize that even though this is the very beginning of my pregnancy, my body is already changing and I cannot expect it to act exactly the same! I have to give myself a little wiggle room and celebrate my little victories.

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