Friday, January 6, 2012

15 weeks...

There were so many things that changed in my routine when I found out I was pregnant. Of course there were the obvious changes like water retention, lack of energy, etc, but there were many supplement and food changes as well. My doctor recommended that I stop taking all supplements including my protein powder, BCAA’s and glutamine. Those things were STAPLES in my everyday life LOL I didn’t know what I was going to do! I had to get creative about how I was going to get more protein and nutrients in my food. My tastes also changed a bit! I went from loving chicken to not wanting it at all…same thing with most fish. I guess that’s a good thing with the fish because I should only be eating it sparingly anyway.

I really missed my protein shake in the mornings before my workouts so I figured out a way to still have a shake, still get my protein and add in some extra antioxidants and vitamins! It’s a little shake that packs a big punch…
Mango-Blueberry Smoothie
You need: ¼ cup OJ, ½ cup non-fat plain greek yogurt, 4-5 frozen no sugar added mango cubes, ¼ frozen no sugar added blueberries, a little water if it’s too thick!
What you do: Stick it all in a blender and mix it up until smooth. ENJOY!
This smoothie really helps with extra energy before a workout. I love it!

I was telling you how I haven’t been wanting chicken lately. Yesterday, I experimented with a veggie wrap for lunch. It was delicious! It doesn’t have a ton of protein (I had to make sure I got a lot at dinner and breakfast) but it’s full of fiber and nutrients!
Hummus Veggie Wrap
You need: 2 Tbsp hummus of choice (I like plain or garlic for this wrap), ½ zucchini (sliced into rings and sautéed in a TINY bit of olive oil), ¼ red bell pepper (sliced thinly), handful of shredded carrot, ¼ avocado smashed, sliced red onion to taste, 1 wrap size tortilla (I like the spinach one)
For dressing: 1 tsp olive oil, 2 tsp balsamic vinegar, 1 squirt brown mustard, juice of ¼ lemon
What you do: Sautee zucchini and put aside. Lay wrap out on plate and spread hummus all over wrap, kind of like you were putting sauce on a pizza. Layer veggies down the center starting with zucchini, then red bell pepper, then avocado, carrot, and onion. Make dressing by putting all ingredients in small cup or bowl and whisking together. Pour dressing all over veggies in wrap. You don’t have to use all the dressing. Fold in the side of the tortilla and wrap it all up. Enjoy!!

Hopefully you can enjoy these recipes sometime!

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