Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pushing Through when Life Happens...

For the most part, consistency is not a problem for me. I love the gym and I love how working out and eating well make me feel. Even when I have days that I don't particularly FEEL like getting up early to workout or hitting the gym after work, I decide that my feelings are temporary and my commitment is more important. BUT, there are times that come in life that rock you to your core and you, like me, my lose the will or motivation to do what you know you should. So how do we handle experiencing a great loss or a personal tragedy while continuing to move forward in our health and fitness? Here are 4 keys to pushing through and overcoming those tough moments...

1. Fuel your faith- During the hardest times, I refocus by reading and declaring God's promises to me! I'm constantly searching for scriptures on my phone or computer that remind me of God's goodness, His power, His plan and purpose for my life! Focusing on the fact that God says His plan for me is perfect and all things work together for my good, truly encourages me even in the hardest moments.

2. Give yourself a break- If you are like me, even one day away from the gym can have you feeling a little guilty (just being honest). But, in my toughest times, I realize that I benefit from a day or two away from the gym. Instead, I choose to spend the extra time with family or friends who love me and can encourage me. I am also one of those people who want everything to be fixed immediately! If I am having a hard day, I get frustrated if I can't change my attitude right then. But, during the toughest moments, I have also found that I have to let myself grieve, face the situation and only then can I move on.

3. Choose your food wisely- Many of us, especially women, turn to food for comfort in tough times. During those intense moments, you may think that sitting on the couch with that donut or ice cream will help, but it will only hurt you! In order to keep our energy up during the hard times, we MUST stay consistent with clean eating. Whether you are eating in or out, this is the time to COMMIT to making wise food choices in order to feel your best.

4. Choose to be thankful- When life throws us a challenge, its very easy to let the challenge become the focus and forget about ALL the other things that we have to be thankful for. Don't magnify your tragedy so that it's bigger than everything else in your life. When I am in a tough moment, I have a habit of making a list of things I am thankful for in my life. Going through my "Thankful For" List always puts a smile on my face and reminds me that THIS moment may be hard, but there is so much to be thankful for and so much better on the way!

Keep smiling!

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