Monday, February 11, 2013

Quit Thinking. Start Doing.

It’s hilarious to me that the inspiration for this blog came from a tv show. I recently became addicted to the show “Nashville” that tells the story of an established country icon and a rising young country star who learn that life, business and love can be a tricky combination. One episode has a scene where the rising young star is given the advice to “quit thinking and start doing” and it inspires her to embrace a more authentic type of performance. Anyway, I wasn’t moved by the performance on the show, BUT the phrase “quit thinking and start doing” jumped out at me.

Honestly, that phrase convicted me a little bit. My brain automatically related it to fitness (which happens a lot) and my goals. I thought of all the times a thought about the goals I had, the body I wanted, the way I wanted to be able to wear my bikini and feel totally comfortable at a moments notice. Then I asked myself how many times I STOPPED at the initial thought. Did I DO anything about the thought? Did I follow my workout and eating plan that day? Did I find some extra motivation to post and keep me focused on my goals? Did I have a tough conversation with a trusted “fit-friend” about my lack of dedication or weak moment?

There are many times, especially in the last month where I let myself STOP at the thought. I have faced a few personal challenges this past month and there have been some tough days. While challenges will come and go in life and a few days off may be necessary, we cannot let a challenge KEEP us down. This month, I let the challenge linger a little too long and that caused me to stop at the thought. But, no more. I’m done just thinking about my goals or giving a half-hearted attempt to complete them. I’m done using my brain power to go over goals that are already established. It’s time to put some action behind my desire! From here on out I am no longer JUST a thinker…I’m a doer. And each step I take moves me closer to where I want to be.

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