Sunday, January 1, 2017


Excited. Hopeful. Ready.

These 3 words sum up my feelings on the first day of 2017. In southern California, last of day 2016 looked like so many of us were feeling during the final months of last year- gloomy, stormy, dark, with tiny specks of sunlight doing their best to break through the rain. But, in the morning, on this first day of a brand new year, the sun couldn’t be brighter with blue skies for miles.

Something about the sunshine and the new beginning bring out a special energy in me. I feel supercharged, like I could take off if someone gave me wings. I started laughing at the thought of me feeling like I could fly and begging for someone to just give me a set of wings so I could get off the ground. Isn’t that familiar? So many of us are looking to another person for that thing to get us to the next level, next position, next, well, you fill in the blank. We have the desire, discipline and drive but we are looking to the wrong source to move us forward.

2017 will be a year of using this supercharged energy to praise God, seek Him, listen to Him and follow His lead. The best lesson I learned over the past year of life is that when I make my relationship with God my first priority, He moves me forward. I’m expecting the best for me and my family this year despite the uncertainty surrounding me. Instead of looking to another person to help get me off the ground, I’m choosing to know Him more. Am I saying that I expect a year of perfection, without challenge, where I get everything I want? Of course not!! But, I am eagerly expecting a year of surprises, passion, love, promotion and opportunity because of a deeper relationship with God, a desire to walk out His purpose for me and willingness to wait on His perfect timing.

Excited. Hopeful. Ready….Thankful. Thankful that God is in control. Thankful that He can see it all, from beginning to end. Thankful that He sees me, knows me and loves me. And you. Let’s know Him better and let Him walk us through this amazing new year.

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