Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rise and Shine!

Every day I am faced with some kind of challenge. Big, small, significant or not...nothing is more important than the decision to overcome whatever I am faced with.

This morning, as my alarm buzzed loudly at 4:45am, I was faced with the challenge of getting out of bed for my morning workout. I heard the alarm and did one of those over exaggerated sighs and started to pull the comforter back over my head. That moment I had a decision to make. I knew that I would love my workout once I got to the gym, I knew that I would feel great when it was over too! So what was keeping my buried under my covers? Rationally speaking, I should have jumped up with a big smile on my face as soon as a heard the alarm!I understood the benefits of my workout, I love how exercising makes me feel and I love the physical benefits of my consistency so what was my problem?? I needed to get my head right. In that moment, I needed to DECIDE to overcome my challenge and get out of my bed. Once the decision is made, then and only then can you act on your decision. The power is in the choice. I could have stayed in bed thinking over my options, weighing out the pros and cons, going back and forth...but as long as I wavered in my choice, there could be no action. Fortunately for me, I decided to get up and take my behind to the gym!

Now, I am challenging you to MAKE A CHOICE. Maybe you have been weighing out the pros and cons about starting your own workout routine. Maybe you have been trying to rationalize your way out of making healthy food choices. Maybe you are going back and forth about hiring that personal trainer to guide you in your fitness journey. Just make the choice, and make the right one! Once the choice is made your action can follow :)

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  1. yep thats a ture challenge, to get up and workout. ur right its all atitude and discipline.