Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 are better than 1...

Ever heard that saying? For the most part I think it's true, especially when you need some accountability in your life! It's so much easier to stick with a goal or a decision knowing someone who has your best interests in mind is looking over your shoulder. When we make changes in our lives it's great having someone to support us and keep us on track.

You can use this "buddy system" for just about anything but it's an awesome idea to use a buddy as you make new fitness goals. The best "buddy" is reliable, excited about health, and someone who will be honest with you. Don't pick someone who is just going to tell you what you want to hear (ex. "It's ok, just eat 1/2 the carton of ice cream. It's not the whole thing and you can work it off tomorrow" or "You don't REALLY need to do 45 min of cardio. Just run in place for 5 min and meet me for fried chicken after"). You want someone who can give it to you straight (ex. "It's my job to help you accomplish your goals, not give you an excuse to fail" or "doesn't your plan say that your cheat meal is on Saturdays? Why are you going to Coldstone on Thursday night"). When you are weak, your buddy can help change your attitude and refresh your perspective, ultimately leading you to reach your goals!

Make sure to let your buddy know what your goals are in detail! Give them the inside track on your weaknesses and little things that may take you off your plan. Call your buddy when you need a little extra PUSH or encouragement and ask them to check in with you randomly to keep you on your toes!!

I guess 2 are better than 1...So go get yourself a buddy and make your fitness goals a reality :)

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