Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Moment...

You ever have those days where you just completely lose control? Like you meant to only eat 1 chocolate chip cookie but somehow you ended up eating the whole batch that was supposed to be for that work party? Or how about that over sized dessert that you bought to "share" with your friend knowing she didn't even like cheesecake!!

We all have moments of weakness from time to time but it's what we do after the moment is over that's important. So many get trapped in the guilt of overindulgence and then stay there with their head hanging and all hope lost! Ok, so that's a slight exaggeration but honestly, they think they have blown it so why not eat more junk? Well, GET YOUR HEAD UP!

If you have that moment of overindulgence, realize that it is only a MOMENT. Realize that the very next moment is an opportunity to get back on track and stay there. Don't waste your time being disappointed in yourself! Use that time to figure out what made you break down in the first place and make a plan to overcome the craving. Our goals are not accomplished by getting stuck in a moment but by the actions we take moment to moment. So, get up, get over it, and make this YOUR MOMENT :)

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