Saturday, September 4, 2010

6 days I really feel :)

Like so many others, I will be strutting my stuff next Saturday of the Tounament of Champions Bikini competition in Culver City. Although I am not PRO (yet), I am one of the hard-working, determined, hopeful amateurs that live fitness and enjoy the thrill of the competition. Like most of those girls, right now, tilapia and asparagus with garlic Mrs. Dash is a staple in my diet. I long for the taste of a cupcake or chips and guacamole (my personal favorite) but forgo these delightful treats in order to focus on the pursuit of a 1st place win. It’s amazing the things that we can do when we are laser focused. There were days (not so long ago) in my life that even the idea of going 2 months without sugar or salt made me cringe. Now it’s my 3rd time dieting, preparing, tanning…all for a series of solo walks, model turns and comparisions that last maybe total of 10 minutes. But we all know it’s not really about the time on stage. It’s not about knowing you looked better than the other girl, and sometimes it’s not even about doing better than you did the last show. For me and others who have done this more than once, it’s about winning. We want the win. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing my preparation for the show. I love the energy rush I get right before it’s my turn to walk into the spotlight. I love the stories of goals reached, trials overcome, and encouragement that we share backstage. I love and enjoy and look forward to all those things. Even though I know that all those things are honestly more important than a trophy, Pro card or placing, I still came to WIN. And without winning it is hard to not feel just a little bit defeated.

With all that said, I am excited, inspired and eagerly anticipating Sept. 11th. I, and so many others, will walk in ready, full of hope and expecting that day to be THE day. Wishing anyone who is competing that day the best of luck!! Get ready for some stiff competition because I’m coming to win.

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