Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello Everyone!!!! The unexpected happened last of my good friends had her baby. You may be thinking, "how is a baby unexpected?!" I guess you are right, it wasn't totally unexpected. I knew it was coming soon, but honestly no one new HOW soon :)

My husband and I were "on-call" to watch our godson and we got THE CALL at 11pm last night!! I realized what "on-call" meant when I signed up to be the one to help, but you never really understand what you've signed up for until the moment arises!!! As I was scurrying around trying to throw my supplements, food, workout clothes, face wash, etc. into a bag, I thought about how this is just how life is...full of surprises and adjustments. I had my day all planned out and then 1 phone call at 11pm changed everything. Just to give a little background info about me, I am currently less than 2 weeks out from my 3rd fitness competition. That means specific diet, perfectly times meals and strict workouts. Now, with a moments notice, I have to drop everything and go watch a 2 yr old!! I didn't know when I would be back home or even get to the gym for that matter. I could do what so many do when faced with a shock, surprise or inconvenience and let everything go...OR I could adjust...

At 11:10pm last night I made a decision to figure out what I CAN do instead of what my situation was stopping me from doing. I packed up all the food I could possibly need the next day and threw it in a cooler. I grabbed all my gym stuff so that I could be ready to work out as soon as the opportunity was there. And you know what? I felt REALLY good about it. I felt proud of myself. I didn't let the surprise throw me off...I just did what I had to do to work around it and make it work.

I know you have been in a similar situation before and you probably have a few surprise situations coming your way. Make it your mission to make it work and roll with the surprises! Exercise your flexibility, be willing to make adjustments, and make it to your goals!

In health,


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  1. Aaahh!!! I'm so excited about reading your encouraging words this way. I thought it was hard to find time to work out when I had one. Now that I have two, I'm not sure what I was thinking. You inspire me to find time for my workout in spite of it all.