Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just say YES!

We live in a world where "NO" can take have NO time, you have NOTHING to eat, you have NOTHING to wear, NO you DON'T feel like going to the gym, or NOT this summer, NOT in that bikini!!!

I want to challenge you to break your no mentality. Start to say YES! It only takes a few little yes's to start the positive flow towards your goals. Once you get started and kick the excuses OUT, you plow the way that leads to an unstoppable, not to mention hotter and healthier, version of you!

3 things to say YES to starting today...

Say YES to your workout! Short or long, at the gym or in your living room, say YES to this precious time to be good to your body. Even if all you have is 20 minutes, break out the jump rope, run around your neighborhood or do that cardio video. Put that time to good use! Your body will thank you later :)

Say YES to a gym buddy! It is so much harder to flake with you know someone is waiting for you. Grab a friend and make a date at the gym. Meet up for a weight lifting experience or check out that Zumba class together! Two are better than one especially when it comes to gym accountability. Let your buddy help keep you and your body in check :)

Say YES to those skinny jeans! Whether it's those jeans, that dress or that bikini, say YES to the thing you have stared at for years and could never fit. Say yes to those things by setting attainable weight goals for yourself and making a plan to get there. Each goal reached should have a corresponding reward. For example, 10 lbs. lost can equal that sleeveless top you didn't have the confidence to wear before. Another 5 lbs. can equal those jeans that make your booty pop! An additional 8 lbs. to reach your ideal goal and you can go out and get that bikini! Rewards along the way can help keep you motivated, focused and EXCITED :)

Maybe you are reading this and you think it sounds good, but you just can't get the YES mentality through your head. Help yourself out with sticky notes or posters on your mirrors, doors or walls. These little reminders will help keep you positive and your body shrinking! Also, remember your health is not just about YOU. A healthy you is a shining example to family, friends and anyone else in your world. You might just be the YES someone else needs to see.

In Health,


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