Sunday, September 12, 2010

I WON FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!! What a night! I gave my all up there at the NPC Tournament of Champions last night and came home with a 1st place WIN!!!!!!! I am so thankful to EVERYONE (because there were soooo many) who supported, encouraged, motivated and loved me :) You had a part in pushing me to be my best and because of that, YOU had a part in the WIN!!!!

God is sooooooo good...It took me a second to realize I won but as soon as I got backstage, it hit me and I started jumping up and down in my plastic heels screaming THANK YOU JESUS!! hahaha I found and stage hand and made her give me a "high five" because no one else was there at the moment...

Special thanks to my amazing husband Jelani Kelly...I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU. You have been more than wonderful and such an encouragement through this whole process. Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you Michele!!!!!! Michele D'Agona ( is my coach and she is a master of perfecting stage presence and posing. She is also my "glute princess" and knows how to shape a KILLER lower body. Thank you for bringing out my best.

And to everyone who sent me an encouraging email, phone call, text or anything like that, THANK YOU!

On to the next one...


  1. I am SO proud of you girl! You made a commitment and went into 100% into, what an inspiration! oh and btw, those purple suit pix are super hott ;)