Monday, September 13, 2010

So...What NOW?

I feel like I'm in the empty space. It's that space where you find yourself right after you've achieved a goal and right before you focus in on the next one. It's interesting how one will work so long and so hard for something, to the point that laboring over your goal becomes the norm, then you achieve your goal and it takes a little while to figure out exactly what to do to fill that space.

The true test sometimes is in what we do while in that space. Do you lose momentum? Do you lose focus? Do distractions come in and move you away from continuing on to a goal greater than the one you just accomplished? How do you handle yourself when you are in that empty space?

I have been in this space before and wasted time, allowed distractions to come in and have delayed moving forward to the next goal. I don't want to do that this time so I thought I would share my tips for success in the empty space with you so I can be held accountable (don't you just love that?)

1)Give myself some "downtime"- I worked hard! I deserve a break!!!! Right? Breaks used properly can be wonderful. I am setting aside a "refresh" time where I will loosen up a bit on my diet (by throwing in a cheat meal or two per week) and gym time (that means working out 5 days instead of 7).

2)Set a new goal- Do it soon!!!! Don't allow too much time to pass before you set your mind on your next venture...

3)Check my Priorities- Make sure the most important thing is still the most important thing. For me, no matter what the order MUST be 1)my relationship with Jesus, 2)My husband and family and THEN 3)my workouts/fitness goals

4)Make a plan- I like to map out a timeline for my new goal. If things don't go exactly as planned, that's ok!! It's better to have a plan and change it then no plan at all :)

5)When downtime is over, GET BACK TO WORK!!- That's pretty self explanitory.

If YOU are in an empty space, hopefully you can use these tips and stay on track!! Let's do it together :) Onward towards making our dreams a reality...

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