Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another year wiser, Another year stronger, Another year OLDER??! hahaha

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I still get ridiculously excited about my birthday every year! This year I started the countdown about 5 days out with a random birthday dance/shake that my husband witnessed HA! It always confuses me when people stress out about their birthdays because I completely embrace it! Another year means another notch on the wise belt, another new beginning, another chance to make my life the best EVER.

Today, I turn 29. It's the last year of an era :) I am determined to make this 29th year of life absolutely amazing. If you have followed my blog at all this past year, you may agree with me that my 28th year was action packed. I competed for the first time. I won first place at a major show. I look and feel better than I have in my life. Setting out on this new 29 adventure, I have new goals, dreams and MORE DETERMINATION THAN EVER.

So, where are you? Do you look at each birthday as the next step downhill? Here are 3 ways to stay energized, motivated and at your BEST as the years go by :)

#1- Believe YOU are worth it!!
You are valuable! You are special, unique and are the only one who can fulfill your individual purpose so start ACTING like it!! Start making changes towards health NOW. Nothing happens overnight, but small changes add up in a big way. Start by cutting out soda or processed foods. Once you have that down, add a cardio and weight training routine to the mix and be consistent! Soon you will be feeling great and looking your best.

#2- Know that you can never be TOO OLD!
Your time has not passed, you are not too old to change, you are not too old to start something NEW. Maybe you have limitations, but you can do SOMETHING. Don't let mental or physical limitations stop you. If you can't run right now, start walking. The important thing is finding what you can do and starting today.

#3- WRITE your goals! Short term and long term :)
Overcoming daily challenges is so much easier when you understand what you are working towards. Write down 2-3 short term fitness related goals and 2 long term goals, one fitness related and one personal. Short term goals should be achievable in 1-2 months maximum. Long term goals can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to achieve. Once your list is made, post it where you can see it EVERYDAY. I have a few of my own goals posted on my mirror in my room. They are a reminder to me everyday of what I must do to get to where I want to be! Make your goals challenging, but doable. Get ready to see yourself succeed!

In closing, get your wise, unique behind off of the couch and begin to DO what you have been talking about for the past month and a half :) You can, and will be a success at any age.

In Health,



  1. LOL! I love the "get your wise, unique behind off the couch"!! :) Gonna be a great year! :)

  2. G, LOL So proud of you and all your accomplishments!!! It is gonna be a great year.


  3. Jada, you're getting me to think I can hit the gym and get back to my pseudo-goddess self. I'm working my way back to your kickboxing class. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Congrats on the Ms World Physique! WOW!!!


  4. Kathy, you can do what ever you choose to do!! Just takes a little determination and consistency :) hope to see you soon!