Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where's your FOCUS??

Do you ever have days when all you think about is what you CAN'T do? Like how you CAN'T lift those 45 lbs dumbbells for your shoulder press, or CAN'T get home to make a decent dinner, or CAN'T run today because your knee is in pain. Sound familiar? We are so easily caught up in this CAN'T mentality that we don't even realize we are doing it. We go through our day with a negative outlook, feeling guilty about all the things we are not able to accomplish. All our energy (whether we feel it or not) is going towards these negative thoughts that produce negative actions that eventually drain us. WHO wants to go through that?

I was stuck in this stupid cycle 2 days ago. Then I really hit the wall (I'm being totally honest with you guys right now). I have been recovering from a minor setback and I finally thought that I was ready to go back to high-impact cardio exercise (you know, the bouncy, lots of movement type). I went to a Turbo Kick Class and halfway through the class I realized that my body just couldn't handle movement at that intensity yet. I stood there, in the back of the class angry that my body wasn't healing as fast as I wanted it too and feeling completely defeated. Then I walked out. I still needed to do at least another 20 minutes of cardio so I found the cardio machine section of the gym I was at and got on a stationary bike (something I could actually do). I pedalled HARD for 20 minutes and by the end of my ride I was MAD!! My husband was finishing up his workout and when we met at the front desk to leave, he saw my face and immediately asked me what was wrong. Before he could finish the question I was whining about how I couldn't finish the class and I can't lift heavy like I used too...BLAH BLAH BLAH. I was so consumed with my limitations and disappointment in myself that I couldn't even see the positive. Thank God I have a blunt and honest husband to snap me out of my ridiculousness LOL He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Jada, Stop it. Focus on what you CAN do." Then he gave me a hug :)

Honestly, I did not snap out of it right at that second but his words resounded in my thoughts for the rest of the evening. At home a couple hours later, my thoughts were full of things that I did well that day. I ate well. I got my cardio in (I had no issues with the bike). I was able to more with my body this week than the last 3 weeks. There was a ton of good stuff!!!

I must remember that there is always something that I will be going through or dealing with. It might be physical, emotional or mental but I can't let negative thoughts about my progress or the situation get me stuck in a rut. I must do what I can, whether it's a little or a lot, to keep me driven, motivated and successful!

Focus on what you CAN do, and do it WELL.

In Health,



  1. Hey Stephan! Glad you liked the post :) Have a great day!!


  2. jada! u are growing in wisdom daily. thanks for the nugget. ur blog reminds me of a line that Psalty says, I'll do my best and God will the rest".
    yes, its about being focused on doing what you can do.

  3. OOOOHHHH Psalty :) Mom, thanks for the compliments. Means a lot coming from you.