Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leg Day I LOVE!!!!!

I switched up my Leg Day lift this morning and am so glad I did! I wrote a new routine last night and anticipated a challenging, interval workout that would burn my Glutes, Hams and Quads. Within the first 5 minutes, I felt the challenge and the burn followed soon after :) I absolutely LOVED this interval workout!!!! Try it if you are looking for a challenge or just a different way to lift legs...

Giant Set: Repeat 3 x
Barbell Straight Leg Deadlifts- 15 reps
Good Mornings- 12-15 reps
Alternating Split Squat Jumps- 20 total
REST about 1 min between sets

Super Set: Repeat 3 x
Step Up/Lunge Back using bench (step up on bench with R leg, L knee comes up, L leg step to the ground, R leg lunges back)- 15 reps each side
Jump Squats- 20 reps
REST 30-60 seconds between sets

Single Leg Squat @ Squat Machine- 15 reps each side, Repeat 3 x
REST 30-45 sec between sets

Super Set: Repeat 3 x
Wide Squat with Dumbbell or Kettle Bell swing- 15 reps
Squat Jumps on to Low Bench (start in a Squat very close to bench. Jump up onto bench and land in a Squat, hold for a sec and then step down)- 15 reps
REST 30-60 seconds between sets

Super Set: Repeat 3 x
Seated or Lying Leg Curl- 15 reps
Curtsy Lunge- 15 reps on R, 15 reps on L
REST 30-60 seconds between sets

I hope you have as much fun with this one as I did!!! Gets your heart rate up and keeps you moving and burning :)

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