Friday, February 25, 2011

Check point...

This morning, I had to check myself. I was at the gym, in the middle of my shoulder workout and had this somewhat random thought. I thought about the last time I had spent quality time with God, reading His Word. Ok, last time was last Tuesday.

Then I thought about the last time I had spent quality time at the gym. Well, that happened yesterday and like I said earlier, I was in the middle of a workout right then! I quickly reviewed and counted the hours that I had spent training or in the gym over the past week. Total count was about 8 hours. Then I counted up my time reading God's Word for the past week. Total was a big fat zero.

I put so much time, money, effort and sweat into training for my shows because I want to give my best, do well and win. I will lose sleep, deny myself sugar, cut out dairy, the list is endless...all to transform my physical body and bring my best to this competition. I truly believe that I couldn't do any of this without strength, determination and hope that I attribute to my faith in Jesus. My faith in Jesus is very real BUT in this moment, I realized my relationship with Him is slacking! My habits also make me question my priorites. I SAY that it's God first, Husband/family second and work/training third. What my life shows is that TRAINING is first, Husbankd/family/God somewhere in second. This was my check point...

My relationship with God must come first. He is the One who has given me my body, all of my fitness opportunities and the favor to be doing well! I treat my workouts like appointments that cannot be missed but have not done the same for my time with Him. While I say that I am strengthened, refreshed and inspired by Jesus in my life, how can I be experiencing that the way HE meant it to be if I am not connecting with Him in a meaningful way?

I am making a new commitment TODAY to connect with God DAILY by reading His word and talking to Him! Matter of fact, I am going to commit to this time with God expecting Him to strengthen me and encourage me in ways that I can't even describe. That's the amazing thing that I have learned about God...He blesses you in ways you never imagined when you are obedient to Him. So, instead of making another excuse of why I am too busy, too tired or whatever it is, I will say "ok" and keep my time with Him.

You know, that "random thought" I had at the gym this morning wasn't so random at all. It was Jesus ever so gently reminding me that I'm missing my time with Him and He is missing His time with me :)

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