Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 weeks out...

Well, I guess yesterday was actually 3 weeks out :) But who's counting? LOL totally kidding...I am counting EACH DAY and getting more and more excited by the moment!

My attitude is better than ever and I am focusing on enjoying every MOMENT. This means LOVING the intensity of my workouts, appreciating the work and time I am putting into this process, embracing the critiques I receive from my coach and using them to make myself better. I'm finding that as my pride decreases, my confidence increases and each moment is more meaningful. When I say my pride is decreasing, I am specifically talking about the way I handle correction and critique. The sensitivity that I used to have to critique is decreasing because I know that I have surrounded myself with people who understand my goals, support my goals and want the best for me. Because of that, I understand that they will be honest with me, no matter what, in order to make me better and push me toward my goals. Knowing that my coach, my husband, my close friends and family truly have my best in mind, causes my confidence to sky-rocket!

I watched a training video today by Muscular Development and IFBB Bikini Pro Nathalia Melo. It was about a 6 minute clip showing one of her leg workouts. She narrated the clip and was telling her story of achieveing her Pro Status and her early competition experiences. After winning her first few Pro shows, she said that her attitude changed and she stopped enjoying the process. Food prep, workouts and all the pre-competition details seemed more of a burden or a job to her at one point. She competed in that show, and for the first time, she didn't place first. She attributes her 3rd place finish to losing her focus and forgetting why she started this in the first place. She wanted a challenge, and wanted to have a great time! Once she refocused, she was back on top! Here's the clip if you want to check it out

Nathalia's story shows the power of enjoying the process and loving every moment. It was a HUGE reminder to me today to remember why I started competiting and make sure I am LOVING IT...

With that said, I am going to to finish prepping my food with a fantastic attitude :)

In Health,


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