Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 days out...

Yesterday was non-stop. 4:45am...wake up. 5:00am...I walked into the gym for my last Leg day before my show. Every lunge burned. My excitement helped me to focus on getting the workout DONE, not on the burning in my muscles and the fatigue in my body. 6:00am...back home to get ready for work and eat breakfast (thank God for Quinoa!!!! LOVE that stuff). By 7:00am, I was off to work and the day NEVER stopped running! It was field trip day for my 8th graders and we ran around from the House of Blues to the Griffith Observatory. My lunch bag was by my side at all times. I never missed a snack or a meal and made sure to get my water in!

I got home by 5:15pm and quickly prepped my food for the next day then changed into my "cute clothes" to accompany my husband to his JV basketball team's end of the season dinner. I was running again (with my lunch bag in hand). I ate MY food, tilapia, salad and asparagus, while the people around me splurged on pasta salad, fried chicken, mini turkey sandwiches, chips and guac and (GASP) cookies from Diddy Reese! The time with the team was wonderful, but at 8:00pm, it was time for me to turn from supportive coaches wife into gym rat :) I ran (again) out, boots clacking on the ground beneath me, rushed to my car and was on my way to the gym to get my cardio session in. 8:30pm...I started my cardio on the stationery bike. I think these moments were the most peaceful I had all day. Well, the first 5 minutes of cardio, my mind was filled with rushing thoughts...will I be ready??...what if I fall on stage?? this worth it???...what next?? Then, I locked into a steady pace on the bike with moderate resistance, I locked into a steady climb. I began to sweat and my thoughts slowed down. At this moment, I had some peace, clarity and an increased sense of anticipation mixed with a heightened sense of contentment.

I reflected on my journey. 10 weeks ago, I started on this road to being show ready. Day after day, I worked hard in order to bring my body to a new level, better than ever before. Now, with only 2 days away, I realized that if my only goal is winning, then all my hard work, consistency, sweat, prepped meals, money spent, will be lost in a moment whether I win or lose. If I win, I hold the trophy for a moment, but then the moment passes when the next winner comes along. If I lose, and my only goal was to win, I have lost everything. That wasn't enough for me. 10 weeks, all this work to be lost in a moment?

The reality hit deep that in order to make each day worth it, I must have a much bigger goal than just winning. This has to be about more than just ME. This has to be about being an example of health to women who think they could NEVER achieve their health goals. This has to be about knowing I gave my best and being able to be proud of myself! This has to be about sharing the belief that "I can, I have and I will continue to be in the best shape of my life!"

I couldn't stop smiling as my 30 minute cardio split came to an end. Now, I was truly inspired. I felt unstoppable. I feel unstoppable!

I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to encourage and inspire as I prepare for this show and when I get out there on stage and SHINE!

Let's do this...



  1. Love this post!! Great reminder to keep the short term goals in focus while keeping the bigger picture in mind. You have definitely encouraged & inspired me! Rooting for you! :)

  2. G, thanks for the comment :) Soooo important to keep the bigger picture in mind and make sure you include others in it!!