Saturday, March 26, 2011

Show day!!!!!!!!

I started this morning with a smile :) 10 weeks of preparation, all for today. The next few hours were wonderful as I took my time reading my Bible, eating breakfast with my make-up artist, Jamie, laughing with her as she made me gorgeous and then ratting my hair a little to give it the extra volume!! Everything has to be bigger than life for the stage :)

After my stage briefing at the venue, the next hours seemed to fly by as I waited for my class of competitors to go on stage. Then, it was my turn...

I glided onto the stage, feeling more confident than ever before! I loved my hair, make-up, bikini, and most of all, LOVED that my biggest fans were thee cheering me on!! My mom, dad, husband, sister and best friend were there SCREAMing for my success!!

I literally felt like I owned the place as I went through my poses smoothly and confidently! I was in the first five call outs (a good thing) and I walked off the stage, smile beaming and knowing that I gave my best....

Finals start in about an hour and I'll find out where I placed!

Loving this thankful...

In Health,



  1. You go girl ... I'm praying for you. You look great and I'm sure the judges will know that as well.