Monday, May 2, 2011

Reflect It!

I love to see other people who understand that fitness is so much more than looking good and so much bigger than just YOU!

It's even more amazing when the mission behind a company is to inspire others to set the example and then "Reflect It" to others around them! Jill, the owner of Reflect It Apparel ( and the creative genius behind the amazing shirts, does just that :) Her shirts and tanks are encouraging, inspiring and meant to help spread health from one person to the next!

The Reflect It apparel shirts and tanks are printed with sayings like "there are NO short cuts" and "its a GOOD kind of hurt." The sayings are printed twice, so that you can read them normally AND then again, backwards, so you can read it when you are staring at yourself in the mirror at the gym cranking out that last set of bicep curls!

I personally LOVE the tanks :) The fit is fantastic and not too tight so they are flattering to any figure. The coloring is great too...there is a 3-toned color pattern going on so that you can't really tell if you sweated out your shirt (always a plus)! The cotton is very smooth and soft...I honestly wish I had a few more :)

The other amazing thing is that Jill and Reflect It Apparel are committed to donating $1 per shirt to cancer research. Nowadays, almost everyone is personally affected by cancer in one way or another. What an amazing opportunity to be an example of health to others, reflect that example for the world to see AND give towards finding a cure!

What are you waiting for? Go get your Reflect It tanks!!!

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  1. I think that is such an awesome idea and will check out the website! I believe that your healthy lifestyle change is soo much more than YOU also! I believe that the changes that you make reflect in your attitude, which in return will be shown to everyone around you and hopefully they will want to make smarter, healthier, lifestyle changes :)