Monday, May 2, 2011

What's it going to take?

I've been thinking a lot about the whole competition process. We give so much of our lives to lifting, cardio, planning, prepping meals, practicing stage presence and posing, promoting...the list is endless. I honestly think at least half of my day is in some way, shape or form related to making myself a better competitor. I know I give so much and I'm not even Pro yet!!

So what it that next step going to take? What do I have to do differently or give more of in order to take my mind and body to that next level? How bad do I really want this?

The answers to these questions are different for everyone. They vary depending on each individuals goals. My current goal is to show my absolute BEST body, BEST energy and BEST presence on stage at the Cal on May 28. I want to know that I trained to be the best I can be for that day. I want to glide onto that stage and literally shine. I picture myself with such a strong presence that the judges can't help but keep their eyes on me, my walk, my confidence and my smile. But what will it take for that to happen?

I can make answering these questions as complicated as I want them to be. Truth is the answers can be simple. First, I have to treat every moment like a make or break moment and be fully committed to the process. Each minute is an opportunity for greatness and I must treat them that way. I can't let a minute of indifference slip by! Each moment is purposeful, whether I am at the gym, at the job or prepping my meals.

Second, I have to believe that I can achieve my goals! I must truly believe that my goals are attainable and they will happen! There is no room for doubt in my thoughts, words or actions. Every thing I think, say or accept about myself must line up with my goals and my future plans.

Third, I have to love the process!! There are obviously going to be some hard days because I can't control everything, but I have to make a decision to love the ups and the downs. Part of committing to a process is resolving to make any moment a learning experience and find the positive in the chaos. I know I have had some days that I feel so overwhelmed...not knowing how or when I am going to get my training in because of other obligations or things at work. Those are the days that I remember that I am stretching myself and increasing my capacity!! In those moments, I CHOOSE to take a deep breath, smile and know that I'm going to get through this!! And, when I come out on the other side, I'm going to be better, stronger and more equip to handle things that are thrown my way.

I truly believe that everyone has there time to succeed and be recognized as the best. I think my time is now and I am doing everything I can to be the BEST I can be!!

I hope this encourages you to continue striving for your goals!! WE CAN DO IT!

In Health,


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  1. Totally encourages me...your second point is definitely something I sometimes struggle with, but probably the MOST important thing I learned from you! Thanks for the reminder! :)