Saturday, May 28, 2011

Show DAY!!!

OH the morning has come to an end and another wonderful prejudging show is over. I was up at 6am this morning to get ready for my 5th NPC competition. Preparation for this show was very special to me for a number of reasons: it was my 5th NPC show (I feel like I am an official veteran now), I felt like my training resulted in my best body yet and I had more support than EVER from friends, family and so many others!! As I made my egg whites and oatmeal this morning, I couldn't help but smile because I truly felt amazing.
The entire morning went smooth from makeup to tan touch-ups. The bikini category was later in the show order so I had a lot of down time to talk to the other competitors and be inspired by their stories and accomplishments. After many competitors had their turn under the bright lights of the stage, it was finally time for mine :)
I loved the way I felt. Confidence, joy, and excitement were written all over my face. I stood in the wings backstage, cheering for the girls on my team who were in the group ahead of me. Then it was my turn.
The first step out on stage was full of determination and all out energy! I was feeling every step from my toes to my waist to my shoulders and the joy radiated through my smile. Each pose was smooth and precise :) It all came together and just felt so GOOD! Even if I didn't get a trophy that night, in THIS MOMENT, I felt like I had already won.
After all the ladies in my class finished their solo turns, the judges began comparisons. Usually, if you are in the first group called out for comparisons, it is likely that you are in the top 5 of your group. I heard my number in those first call outs and made my way back to the center of the stage for one more round of posing with the others who were called.
I CAN'T WAIT to go back to the finals show tonight!!!!! I will keep you guys updated :) Thanks for the prayers, support and lots of LOVE!

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