Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who's got your back?

In my fitness journey, I have learned that there is little you can do ALL by yourself. While there are times you are alone, maybe prepping meals, or doing some of your workouts, there is usually someone behind the scenes motivating you, cheering you on or giving you advice that keeps you going for one more day! This support may be a friend, spouse, significant other, maybe even a fitness personality who inspires you and encourages you through blogs and articles. Whatever your "support" is, I'm sure you have some form of it, especially if you are succeeding and moving forward towards your health goals.

One of the best forms of support for me is my husband! If you are motivated by words of affirmation/positive language (like me), you understand the importance of having a person present who has your back! I can't tell you how many times I have come home from the gym, drained and fatigued, ready to just give in, drive to Wendy's and buy that Vanilla Frosty!! But, before I go sabotage myself, I have talked with my husband who tells me that I CAN do this or I AM on my way to winning or I am SO close to earning my Pro Card. Those words and the fact that he believes in me even in my weak points encourages me so much!

Another thing that really helps support me when I need a little extra is my vision board. My husband and I share a cork board that is up on the wall in our kitchen. The board is COVERED will fitness magazine cutouts, inspirational and challenging phrases and goals for the future. There have been moments where I need to be reminded of my goals and why I am working hard. In those moments, I go stand in front of that vision board and read through the phrases, look at the pictures and renew excitement about my future! This usually brings my one bad moment into perspective. I start thinking about the big picture and how health and fitness is apart of my passion! Using my vision board reminds me that tough moments are not there to stop you but to stretch you and prepare you for what's ahead. If my future holds anything close to what's on my vision board, I'd say getting over the momentary challenge is totally worth the amazing future ahead.

Keep your goals in front of you and a strong support system around you :) sky's the limit...

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  2. You are so right, it's all about who you surround yourself with. Pick people that pick you up! Rock on Jada, I'll be making another vision board for myself this fall. Appreciate the reminder to stretch.