Monday, August 1, 2011

2 days after...

AHHHHHHH I am still so excited :) What a whirlwind wonderful weekend! This past Friday and Saturday I competed in my very first NPC National competition, the USA's!! I had been preparing for this specific show since January of 2011 and I am so happy to say that all the hard work was totally worth it! I am still praising God for my 5th place finish in Bikini Class D! I trained like a champion and was expecting the best and believing that I would earn my Pro Card! I didn't end up earning my Pro Card this time around, but I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I know it is only a matter of time until I see every dream and goal that I have become a reality.

I had a huge revelation over the weekend. I realized just how much effort went into ONE DAY of my life. I literally have spent countless hours, many dollars and buckets of sweat in preparation for 10 minutes of stage time and a chance to live a dream. While I do believe that every bit of that was worth it, I also believe that I have to focus even more on my goals and dreams outside of competition. I thought I had a pretty good balance but now after the fact, I see that I can give more time and effort to expanding my influence. Competing gives me the opportunity to influence people on a larger scale but the real success is being able to use my platform to inspire my clients, family, friends and anyone else who will listen to be their best! I am so excited to come back and focus on expanding my bubble :) Get ready because my focus, drive and determination are FRESH and FIERCE! I'm coming to make a difference...

In health,



  1. So proud and excited for you Jada! Congrats on both the competition and the revelation! :)

  2. Congratulations Jada and thank you so much for linking to our site.

    Monica Neave

  3. thanks MOnica!!! and YES! I love your site ;) So many great workouts for any fitness level!

  4. G, thanks so much!!!! Can't wait to go on this next journey w/you!!!! we are gonna change lives all over this city!