Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RIDICULOUS Full Body Plyo/Bodyweight Circuit!!!

OMG!!! I love, LOVE, LOVE this circuit!!!! Sooo much fun and kicked my butt :) If you want a challenge that will get you moving and your heart rate going, TRY THIS!

Tuck Jump 18x
Sumo Burpee 15x
Split Squat Jumps 20 total jumps
Push-up 18x
Jump rope 100 jumps
Squats 18x
Jump squats 18x
Plank 30 sec. hold
Reverse Alternating lunges 20 total
Bench Dip 20x
Twisting Crunch w/plate 20 total
Burpee 12x
REST 2 min after completing all exercises. REPEAT 4-5x

You can modify the reps if you need too!! I will do anywhere from 12-20 reps of each exercise depending on how I feel that day :)


In Health,



  1. Awesome, Jada! Going down the list, I was thinking, "Ok so far so good; not too bad" 'til I got to the end where you say REPEAT 4-5X. WTF?

    Can you share the repeats with 4 others so we each do only one?
    : P

    - 10in30muscle

  2. Dear Artbum, LOL did you try the workout? You know you don't HAVE to do it 4-5x :) 3 times will definitely get your heart going! Let me know when you try it!!

  3. Carneenee, Burpees are explosive movements...you start jumping up in the air, then bend your knees and crouch down to the floor. As soon as you are down, thrust your feet and jump backwards into a plank position. Then jump your feet back in. Repeat :)

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