Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Consistency...NOT Perfection

So you ate a cookie. And then you felt guilty. So you eat another one. Now you think you totally blew your eating for the day. You visualize the 2 cookies stuck to your behind, and they start expanding. You shake your head to get that picture out of your mind. The vision of the expanding cookie-butt disappears but you are left with the reality of the situation. THIS day can no longer be...perfect. You feel discouraged because there is something everyday, sometimes small, sometimes big, that causes you to give in and break away from your "diet." You feel like your goals may never be reached because you struggle with eating "perfect." Does this sound familiar? LOL I know I go thru that thought process from time to time :) But that's not how it needs to be! While you should feel a responsiblity and excitement for sticking to your healthy eating plan, PERFECTION is not the goal! Consistency is what's important. Having a cookie every once in a while will not throw you off the path of success! The problem comes when the cookie or cake or french fries or chips or whatever it is, starts happening EVERDAY. So, if you just happened to fall off today, don't feel guilty! Realize that each moment is a new moment and another opportunity for you to do what's right for your body. Instead of getting stuck in the guilty feeling (that usually causes you to eat another cookie), put a smile on your face and make the decision to make your next action the right one :) You can reach your goals! Take action, starting NOW. In health, Jada

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