Friday, December 30, 2011

10 1/2 weeks...

I guess it’s more like 10 weeks and three-quarters HA! The last few days were tough. I have never felt so exhausted EVER before. I told my friend that we had to start working out together 2 mornings a week because I was having such a hard time getting up to lift in the morning. I was so happy that she agreed to meet me at the gym at 5am on Tuesday and Friday mornings! I’m telling you, that’s a true friend! I literally would not have gone to do my weight lifting on Friday morning if she wasn’t there! Together, we made it through a really tough leg workout and I felt so great when it was done. I think the morning leg lift wore me out because I was extremely tired during the day at work. Lucky for me, my students are extremely entertaining and they definitely did not disappoint that day!

We have been learning flag football and they were playing a game that day in my class. It is always so amazing to see young kids show early signs of leadership potential. I had a few students who completely blew my mind that day! One student in particular was amazing. He made a connection with every person on his team and made sure to include and encourage EVERYONE from the experienced students to the super shy ones who were not confident in their own skills. The best play of the day was when this leader was acting as the team’s quarterback and he saw that one of the girls on his team was open. This girl happens to be one of my most athletically challenged students who is always doubting her ability. The leader tossed the ball to her anyway and she was able to catch it and advance the ball a few yards. It was amazing to see the smile on her face when she realized what she did. My leader ran up to her and gave her a huge high-five. It was a really great moment.

Anyway, back to me LOL I am always telling my clients that they have to take everything day by day and to do everything they can to succeed that day. This week I had to put my own advice into practice. I was getting really frustrated due to being so tired! I have to remember that I just need to do my best at whatever I CAN do. I have to focus on the possible, not on the challenges. I will succeed if I continue to give my best from each moment to the next.


  1. Hi Jada! Your willingness to share your journey and your pregnancy is an inspiration. Love you much!


  2. Spring, thank you for being encouraging and supportive. You are an amazing person and I am so glad to have you with me on this journey.