Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weeks 28 and 29...

Ok the reality of all this is completely sinking in now LOL in 11 short weeks (or LESS), I will have a living, breathing child on the outside of me!! He won’t be on the inside any more HAHAHA This amazing child will be born with everything he needs to sustain his life outside the womb. He will be born with a personality, fingers, toes and his own laugh. I can’t help but smile as I think of the total miracle that is taking place inside me right now. What’s really funny is that I sometimes talk to him like he has a choice whether or not to go with me somewhere. For example, I’ll say “ok Champ, you wanna go kick butt in kickboxing class with mom?” As if he could say no. Or I’ll talk to him during a tough workout and say something like “Come on! We just have to make it through this last set!”

The last few weeks of pregnancy have been…good. I have had a few up and down days as far as my energy is concerned. My husband and I drove to Arizona to go watch our cousin play softball at ASU at the end of week 28. I really enjoyed the trip and the time spent with family but somewhere in those 3 days, my body decided that it was going to get really swollen! I’m not sure if it was the heat of Arizona or the fact that we were eating out more than normal, but my feet looked like you could pop them with a pin LOL This was the first time I had experienced swelling of any kind in my feet or ankles. It continued for the entire trip and for about 3 additional days when we got back home. Every time I looked down, I wanted to either laugh or scream. I talked to a few of my friends and their words gave NO comfort…most of them said that once their ankles and feet were swollen, they stayed swollen for the rest of their pregnancy. All I knew was that I needed this swelling to go away and it needed to go fast. I’m so glad to say that after about 5 days, my feet and ankles were back to normal thanks to a ton of water, low sodium foods and regular exercise.

I’m feeling and seeing more movement from my little guy! It’s still insane to think that every time my stomach juts out, it’s actually an arm or a leg or an elbow! Each turn or kick that I feel is just another reminder that I need to be my absolute best for this baby. It’s those things that keep me on track with my workouts and eating…that AND the fact that I’m going to have to be in tip top shape in order to keep up with my little man when he starts moving around HAHAHA!


  1. you're in the home s-t-r-e-t-c-h!! this is one of those times when us mommas show our true strength as women. Enjoy this special time and welcome mommyhood!

  2. yessss!!!!! Home stretch :) woo hoo!!! I am definnitely enjoying it :) also very excited to meet the little bugger LOL