Wednesday, May 16, 2012

30 weeks...

So my husband and I have been making an effort to go on little getaways before Champ shows up. This past weekend, we went to San Diego for 2 nights to celebrate his birthday and enjoy some quality time. I absolutely love these weekenders and truly believe that they have added to the enjoyment of pregnancy. It’s funny because while some people shy away from the gym when on vacation, we are the exact opposite! I think I got in 2 of the best workouts that I’ve ever had in that weekend! My lifts were short, only about 40 minutes each, but I made sure to superset my exercises, work hard and get my heart pumping. Cardio was AWESOME! I absolutely love Turbo Kick classes and that 24 hour Fitness in San Diego did not disappoint. Both teachers were energetic, prepared and inspirational! I was loving every sweat-filled minute LOL

Besides the workouts, we walked on the beach, tried a few new restaurants and just enjoyed the moments together. I was so glad that the weekend was so wonderful…little did I know that the following week would be a challenging one. Have you ever felt like you stretched yourself too thin but there was nothing you could do about it? Then on top of that, extra responsibilities were dropped into that same 5 day time period and you just had to handle it all. Basically, there were moments I wanted to scream, cry, pull my hair out, quit…BUT I had to get through. And I did. Something had to give, like my morning workouts which I could not get out of bed for LOL Instead of my early morning lifts, I hit the gym in the afternoon or evening. I even had to cut a few workouts due to a hurt ankle! I’m telling you, everything that could have happened DID.

One thing I had been preparing for was my job’s annual Carwash fundraiser. It happened to be the Saturday after the crazy week, but it was also one of the best fundraisers that we have had! Each year, I work with the 8th graders to raise money to help pay for their educational trip to Washington D.C. Even though my ankle hurt and I was exhausted, seeing those kids work so hard to raise money got me so excited and I was just happy that I had the opportunity to help them out. I love those moments that put the focus back on others instead of whatever I am going through. Even though my week was legitimately crazy, I have to remember that the big picture is never about me. Letting myself feel overwhelmed and frustrated didn’t help anyone but as soon as the focus was off of me and I allowed myself to give to others, I was reminded of all the amazingness in my life and was just thankful.

Overall, this week wasn’t so bad…on to the next one!

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