Thursday, May 17, 2012

G-LOVES: Best workout gloves EVER!

So I came across an amazing young lady named Hedda Royce who was doing something new and different in the fitness industry. She created G-LOVES, a totally unique brand of workout gloves for women and I was completely intrigued.

I have used workout gloves for years during my lifts and always had plain black, or a dull gray…maybe I had one or two pairs that I thought were kind of cute because they had a splash of red or blue somewhere on the glove. They always got the job done but never were completely comfortable and never made me feel like I was adding an accessory to my workout outfit.

Enter G-LOVES…not only are they the most comfortable and functional workout gloves I have ever had, they look great on! I scrolled through the options on the G-LOVES facebook page and couldn’t help but smile at the hot pinks, bright purples, zebra prints, cheetah prints and LACE! These may sound overly girly but they are definitely NOT! Hedda knew exactly what she was doing when designing these hot little accessories. G-LOVES are the perfect combination of sexiness, sass and strength all wrapped up in one awesome workout glove. My favorite thing about my bright purple G-LOVES with black lace are that they keep me smiling through my entire workout LOL Seriously, these are built to last and just like the slogan says, they’ll keep your hands soft while you are building that hard body.

Go get yourself a pair!

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