Tuesday, May 29, 2012

34 weeks...

This week was awesome!!!! I switched up my workouts and focused on different full body lifts this week. I was actually just wanting a change in workout routines and remembered a few awesome workouts that I found in Muscle and Fitness a while back. I searched through my workout logs and found about 5 full body circuits to choose from. I was so excited…honestly forgot how much I loved these circuits! I chose to do a circuit using only dumbbells, another using only barbells and one using only the Smith Machine. Energy was pretty good this week…still waking up to pee 4-5 times a night and that is effecting me a bit but overall I am feeling good.

I also had my baby shower on Saturday! It was truly a magical day LOL I felt like a preggo princess and was overwhelmed by the love, kindness and generosity of my wonderful friends and family. This shower was mainly close family and friends from High School, college and after. I love the moments where you realize again just how great your friends are! It was a co-ed shindig…all the ladies enjoyed the traditional shower things like games, “oooohs” and “awwwwws”, while the guys brought diapers, beer and watched sports on TV.

Overall, this week was about being thankful. I am so blessed to have a strong support system and so many people that love me, my husband and our little miracle. I’m smiling again, just thinking about it!!

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