Sunday, July 1, 2012

1 week after birth...

The last few days have been a blur. I was released from the hospital, but my little man had to stay a few extra days. He had a touch of jaundice and so he had to stay under a set of special lights to clear it up. It’s hilarious…he looks like he is in a little baby tanning bed!

I was determined for him to only have breast milk so I told the nurses that I would be present for every feeding! It’s great that we only live about 2 miles from the hospital…otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to do that. My life for the past 3 days has been nothing but pumping, sleeping, driving to the hospital to feed my baby and REPEAT. The nurses keep telling me to stay home and “let them do their job” but I wanted to be there to feed my kid!! Even though I was tired, I felt so much better knowing I was there to take care of my baby. Those feedings made his short stay in the NICU much easier for me.

This morning, at the last feeding, the nurse told me that we would be able to bring Josiah home today! My husband and I couldn’t stop smiling and thanking God as we dressed our little guy in his “going home” outfit. It was such a wonderful feeling leaving the hospital with my baby in my arms. No more driving back and forth for feedings, no more baby tanning bed LOL

I am thrilled to say that my stomach is shrinking faster than I expected!! I met a nurse while I was going back and forth from the NICU that suggested I wrap my stomach. She was a sweet Ethiopian woman who said to just use any type of non-elastic cloth and wrap it around me really tight. She told me not to mess with anything that was stretchy because it wouldn’t hold me in as well. I found a sarong that my sister gave me in my closet and figured that would work well as a tummy wrap. I have been wearing that for most of the day for the last few days. It’s a little uncomfortable because it’s extra fabric and it just gets a little hot sometimes but WOW it has made a difference. It is so encouraging to see my skin shrink back even though I am not able to workout yet. I have had a few people see me and say things like “you’re lucky” or “you must have good genes” when they see that I am pretty small after a week. I just laugh and make sure to let them know that this has NOTHING to do with genes and EVERYTHING to do with the way I handled myself during pregnancy.


  1. Please oh please take time lapse photos. This will be an amazing transformation story and I want to make sure I follow.

  2. Wow!!! You do look fabulous, but I'm glad you put that last sentence in! I know you got good genes (helloooo, look at your mom, dad and sisters!) but this is totally the work you put in. I wish more women would realize they can do something about it beforehand AND after. You're awesome, Jada! Now we just gotta see pics of that little guy. :)

  3. Thank you Bree :) and Star, I'm trying to put all the pics in one space. Should be pretty crazy LOL