Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 and 4 weeks after birth...

Where has the time gone?! 21 days have past since Josiah’s birth and it feels like the blink of an eye. Although the time has gone by quite fast, it has had a fair share of challenges. What used to be “normal” is long gone and there is no consistent pattern to the new activities. As soon as I think I have something figured out, the baby switches it up. For example, I thought Josiah was content eating every 2 to 2 ½ hours but THEN all of a sudden he started doing this “snack and nap” thing where he would eat a little bit and then nap for 15-20 minutes then eat a little bit and nap again. I do not remember what it feels like to sleep through the night…I have a feeling that I won’t have that luxury again for a while.

As far as food goes…I don’t think I have cooked anything since he was born! Fortunately for me and my husband, we have had friends and family bringing us food. I honestly don’t think we would be eating if we didn’t have that kind of help hahaha. While I completely appreciate all the food and am eating everything that is presented, most of the time it is not as healthy as I would normally eat. I am not complaining by any means, but just am noting the difference to be specific and honest. Some days, we did not have anyone sign up to bring us food and we just end up getting some kind of take out. To sum it up, I have been eating more calories, more salt and definitely more fat and sugar that normal…but, this is about survival right now and a girl’s gotta eat!

I have not been able to workout yet…booooo. I can walk, but that’s about it. I tried to run for about 10 seconds (I was rushing to cross the street during one of my power walks) and I immediately felt discomfort…not fun at all. My powerwalks and trips to Trader Joe’s are keeping me from going crazy since I’m in my house most of the day. In another week or so, Josiah will be able to join me on trips to the farmer’s market and other various outings. I can’t wait until he is old enough to go outside!! While I am excited for him to hit the 5 week mark, I am not wishing the days away. Each day, I learn a little bit more about him like how he likes to be held, what his different faces mean and how to make sure he doesn’t pee on me when I change his diaper!

Considering that my eating is not perfect, my body is shaping up pretty well! I feel confident that I can be ready for a competition in September and that’s what I will begin working towards as soon as I am cleared to workout and lift weights again. Here are the progress pictures from week 3…

And, here are the pictures from week 4...

The journey continues.

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