Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 weeks after birth...

This week feels like I'm getting my life back! I have been getting out of the house more with the baby and I had my 5 week doctor’s appointment today (Tuesday). She said I’m all clear for working out! I am super excited and a little nervous about getting back into everything. Hearing the doctor say that I am good to go gave me some extra motivation to train for the next competition. I had a moment where I was kind of daydreaming about walking the stage and earning my Pro Card (insert big cheesy grin). I know that I can’t expect to be able to lift as heavy or workout with the same intensity as before, especially during the first workout back after 5 weeks off. I’m planning to go to the gym tomorrow and do a full body circuit. We’ll see how it goes…

Ok, it’s Wednesday and I just got back from my first lift after having the baby! Wow…that was intense and I am already beginning to feel soreness in my quads. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to get out of the house LOL It took about 90 minutes to actually leave to go to the gym! The baby was crying and hungry so I ended up leaving the house 90 minutes after I had originally planned. My husband was awesome and finally just kicked me out of the house and said that he would take care of everything. I was so happy to be at the gym that I couldn’t decide what full body circuit to do! I ended up meshing 2 circuits together for an awesome workout that burned every muscle group in my body.I'm happy to say that I am back to the same weight I was when I got pregnant! My body doesn't look the same, but it's coming along.

Check the end of the blog to see the workout I did and try it for yourself!

My food intake so far this week has been pretty good. I have been keeping the focus on eating the healthy things that I LOVE instead of focusing on the things I shouldn’t have (i.e. extra cheese, cake, waffles). I have a new favorite salad and I’m making that for dinner tonight. It’s so easy and tastes wonderful! I combine 4 oz chopped chicken breast, ½ cup chopped red cabbage, ½ cup chopped romaine lettuce, sliced red onion, ¼ cup chopped cucumber, 2 Tbsp cooked quinoa, 1 Tbsp chimmichurri sauce, 1 Tbsp lemon juice and 1 tsp balsamic vinegar in a salad bowl and mix it all together. Sometimes I had 1 oz. of goat cheese crumbles to the mix when I really feel like it.
I have a few more days left in this week, but I know as long as a keep my focus, this week will be fantastic!

Jada’s Workout:
Circuit 1 (do the full circuit 2x through with 2-3 minutes rest between circuits)
-16 jump squats onto the bench (8 with right lead, 8 with left lead)
- 20 alternating jump lunges
-15 push ups off the bench
- 20 body weight squats
- 20 jump squats
-30 sec. plank
-20 alternating reverse lunges
-20 bench dips
-15 lying leg raises
-15 twisting crunches
-10 burpees

Circuit 2 (do the full circuit 2x through with 2-3 minutes rest between circuits)
-15 squats with dumbbell shoulder press
-15 bent over rows with dumbbells
-15 overhead tricep extensions with dumbbell (don’t max your weight because you do these again later)
-15 dumbbell bicep curls
-15 straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells (don’t max your weight because you do these again later)
-15 dumbbell upright rows
-15 Arnold presses with dumbbells
- 16 reverse alternating lunges
-15 overhead tricep extensions with dumbbell
-15 straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells


  1. You are Amazing and I am soooo proud of you! You look great! Thank you soooo much for your inspiration!!!!! You are truly a gifted trainer!

  2. Now that you are fully in the throes of having an infant, how is it going? Best of luck to you and don't be too hard on yourself, the first several months are insane! Life is long and a new baby is ridonculous.My wife and I have two, it takes a while...

  3. John, I just saw this comment so I'm sorry about the delayed response! Whewwww the first few months are definitely a whirlwind but a wonderful one :) I'm so thankful for all the support I had during that time because I might have gone nuts w/out my husband and family LOL now it's great because we have a routine and Josiah is adding to our lives, not taking over :) I love being a mom!!

  4. beautifullyoverwhelmed, Thank you soooo much for your support and encouragement!!! I truly appprecite your kindness and I'm so happy that you are inspired by my journey :) I'm so thankful that I get to share...