Friday, December 7, 2012

Supplements I LOVE!!

Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the supplements that I take to help by body perform at it’s highest level. I believe that the proper supplementation program is essential to great workouts and great physiques. Everyone has different needs and may require different supplementation routines but there are a few key things I take that can be beneficial to pretty much everyone. Here are the main staples in my supplementation program…

1. A good multi-vitamin (I LOVE Top Secret Nutrition’s Active Extreme)- Taking a multi-vitamin helps you to meet nutritional needs that you may not get from your food.
2. A fatty acid supplement (I LOVE Top Secret Nutrition’s Fish Oil& CLA and MRM’s Smartblend)- These healthy fats stimulate fat burning enzymes and help to balance a diet while maintaining healthy joints, cell membrane structure and overall health.
3. Extra Vitamin C- vitamin C helps helps strengthen the immune system, has antioxidant properties, can help lower blood pressure and lessens the effects of the common cold!
4. Protein Powder (I LOVE Top Secret Nutrition’s Whey Protein Powder)- You need protein to build lean muscle! I get a lot of protein from the foods I eat but I also incorporate shakes to get enough protein to build that muscle.
5. L-Carintine (I LOVE Top Secret Nutrition’s L-Carintine w/Green Coffee)- L-carintine is said to have a hand in stimulating the usage of fat for energy. I have experienced positive results in using L-carintine. I usually take it 20 minutes before each cardio session.

6. HMB (I use the Optimum Nutrition HMB)- HMB is a supplement that helps increase lean muscle mass and also helps to retain your hard earned muscle! This is my favorite supplement in my routine! This is not a supplement that you feel immediately (like caffeine) but it is a supplement that begins to change your body over time. I usually start to see effects within 4 weeks of supplementing consistently. HMB works best with a regular strength training and cardio workout routine. Don’t expect to see changes with this OR ANY supplement if you are not doing your part in your workouts and diet.

I hope this information helps!!


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