Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3 Quick Ways to GET MOTIVATED

Do you have an overabundance of desire and a lack of motivation? Give your motivation a boost by trying these 3 suggestions!

1. Buy the newest edition of your favorite workout magazine- When I need a little boost, I go pick up the latest copy of Muscle and Fitness Hers or Oxygen Magazine. The stories, pictures, recipes and workouts remind me of my fitness goals and get me excited about my progress! Reading the stories shared by others also lets me know that I am NOT the only one going through challenges. Usually, I can find great ideas that give me the jump start I need.

2. Set up a new form of accountability- Set up “fitness checks” with a friend, make a weight tracker and put it up on your mirror, or start using a food log app on your phone! Most people will be motivated to start or continue towards a fitness goal is there is someone else checking up on you. I started a check in group with my co-workers! We share workouts, thoughts and encouragement as well as writing our weekly weight loss on a poster that we made.

3. Add in something NEW- Get online, find a new workout and try it out! Maybe you just need a new pair of workout pants to feel cute at the gym or a new gym bag. If a new change motivates you, then change something! You don’t HAVE to spend money or do a total overhaul. One fresh new thing, small or large, can change your perspective and your motivation level.

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