Friday, November 28, 2014

After Thanksgiving Full Body BLAST!

I did this workout this morning...LOVED IT!!! It was absolutely perfect for after the holiday. Thanksgiving is no holiday where I don't limit myself with the types of food I am eating. My only guideline is that I can't come home stuffed to the point where it's painful! I had everything from turkey to mac and cheese to pumpkin pie yesterday...just made sure I could still walk after. Today, I have been eating and will continue to eat VERY clean and I am actually going a little lighter on my protein and increasing fibrous veggies. Of course I'm downing as much water as I can get!!

Here is the workout:

Squat Jump on Bench- 16 jumps alternate legs stepping down from bench if you want
Dumbbell Bent Over Row- 20x
Alternating Jump Lunge- 30 total
Push ups- 20x
Barbell Squat- 20x
Mid-stance Jump Squat- 25x
Plank- 30 sec hold
Reverse Alternating Lunge w/weight- 15 per leg
Reverse Lunge Knee up- bodyweight only, 15 per side, do all R side then all L side
Bench Dip (Triceps)- 20x
Twisting Crunch w/weight- 20x
Burpee- 12x
1 min sprint on tredmill- 2x
REST 2 minutes

Do the entire circuit 3x through. Took me about 50 minutes. Have fun!

Until next time,


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