Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm Addicted to Popcorn...and other Random Confessions

Seriously. I’m addicted to popcorn. I guess technically now I am just a popcorn lover.

Why is this important you ask? Well, because this revelation…admitting this revelation has helped me to grow and may just help you too.
I like to think that I have become really good at keeping balance in my life as it pertains to fitness, health and eating. I have worked very hard to learn to live a fit lifestyle as opposed to being on some sort of diet all the time. I just couldn’t kick the popcorn habit. And, by habit I mean that I would eat 2 large bowls of air popped popcorn with olive oil and some sea salt in one sitting, every day or every other day. But usually every day.

You may be thinking, “Is she serious right now? This is a non-issue” or you might be thinking, “I can’t believe she eats that much in one sitting. She must be crazy”…remember it’s all relative. My popcorn issue might be your chocolate issue or your fill in the blank of whatever you just can’t control yourself with issue. We all have something we struggle with that is holding us back from feeling and looking our best.

I didn’t decide on my own that I was going to admit that I had a popcorn problem. Matter of fact, I was ignoring the issue because I like popcorn so much. I decided that it was easier to tell myself that because it was air popped popcorn with only a LITTLE oil and salt, it didn’t matter how much I ate. As if any amount would be acceptable. Like many others, I had to have that awkward and usually uncomfortable moment where someone else (someone who loves you and wants the best for you) points out your issue.

Here’s where the growing and learning part comes in. Remember this is all assuming the person pointing out your issue knows you, loves you and wants only the best for you. There are 2 parts to this--

Part 1: LISTEN to what you hear.
Sometimes, when I am being corrected especially by someone close to me, my first instinct is to block it out. I don’t know anyone who naturally LOVES being corrected! I have to make a conscious decision to LISTEN, understanding that this could be an opportunity to make myself a better person. Choose to hear the critique or correction and let it sink in BEFORE you respond. Most of the time, there is truth behind what you are hearing. When you choose to hear from a loving standpoint, there is no room for guilt, shame or any other negative feeling. Listening sets the stage for a positive interaction and gets you on your way to being your best!

Part 2: ACT NOW.
Once you realize and admit your issue (with food or anything else), come up with an action step that you can do THAT DAY…even better if you can start that moment. This can be small, and honestly, sometimes a small non-drastic step is the best. It’s not about an overhaul, but it IS about taking continuous steps in the right direction. In my situation, my husband recommended that I switch to a smaller popcorn bowl. I just about lost my mind for a minute, but then a realized that was a GREAT first step. It’s been a week and I actually like my new popcorn bowl. I am also on my second step of NO REFILLS HA!

Change is never comfortable. It’s not supposed to be. But, the more comfortable you become with the uncomfortable, the faster you will get to being your best self ever.

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