Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Doing the MOST...

My husband used to write these top 5 style posts on twitter that he called #DTM. DTM stood for “doing the most” with each post highlighting a certain scenario or situation and ridiculous actions surrounding it. For example #DTM at the gym talked about the people that we ALL see at the gym…the guy grunting louder than a gorilla, the girl sitting at each strength training machine talking on her cell phone, the chic taking WAY too many bathroom selfies (totally making fun of myself), that silent but deadly farter on the leg press! All of the examples were given in fun, but it was clear the YOU never wanted to be caught #DTM!!

In a lot of cases, doing the most is NOT something positive but there are ALWAYS exceptions to every rule.

I was having a few thoughts today about where I am in life. It’s easy to get stuck in your thoughts, especially if you are thinking about things you thought you would have already done by now, or why you think you should have been farther along in certain areas. Many times, these types of moments can deflate us and cause us to use precious time and energy focusing on things that we should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done but in reality cannot change. When you find yourself lost in these thoughts you NEED a little #DTM…Let me explain.

The best way to get your mind off of what could have done is to get your mind ON doing the MOST with what you have! Literally ask yourself (and answer HONESTLY) if you are doing the most with your job, with the opportunities you have, with your relationship…basically plug in any area of life and then CHECK yourself to see if you are making the most of it! Instead of focusing on where you WANT or THOUGHT you would be, try these 3 things and actually take steps towards your goals!

1. Do the MOST to prepare- Try looking at your life from a training and preparation viewpoint. What do you have that you can use as preparation for your next step? For example, one of my goals is to do more public speaking surrounding health, nutrition and fitness. I have been invited to a handful of speaking opportunities over the past few years, but not nearly as many as I thought I would have. I can do the most by using every talking opportunity I have with anyone as practice for what I believe is coming.

2. Do the MOST and speak up- Get over your fear and put your goal out there! Not that you need to brag or be obnoxious about what you are working towards but you DO need to let select people know what you desire to accomplish. If I never make it known that public speaking is a goal, then I will never have the opportunity to be invited to speak somewhere. If you never talk about your goal, no one will ever know how they can help you get there.

3. Do the MOST and say YES- If you are given an opportunity do to something that lines up with your goal, TAKE IT! Many of us wait for what seems like the perfect opportunity, passing up the less glamorous or less notable opportunities we are given. Funny thing is, the most successful people will tell you that there was NEVER just one defining moment or opportunity. It’s always a series of small “yes” moments that lead to what seems like an overnight explosion of recognition and opportunity. My point is, appreciate every opportunity given to you and use it! You never know who is listening or watching.

So, maybe it’s ok to do the MOST. Well, only as long as you are relating the #DTM to your goals and not farting on the leg press.

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