Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New YOU (really)

I love that so many people see New Year’s as an opportunity to hit the restart button on their fitness goals. What's sad is that so many start strong, but may not have the tools to actually make the positive changes stick. Here are 3 things you can do to really make a new you this new year.

1. Make CONSISTENCY your main goal
It’s awesome to have a weight goal, an inches goal or a strength goal but realistically, you will never reach those goals unless you are daily working towards them. When you look at it like this, the MOST important part of any goal is consistency. Instead of making the main thing a change in your appearance, set your main goal to daily follow your plan or program. If you do this, your body will change, good habits will be formed AND your measurement of success is based on whether or not you did your best that day! I have found that there is a beautiful freedom in basing your goal outside a number on the scale. When I have practiced this in my own life, I see results faster and I feel great about myself in the process.

2. The BEST workout is the one that you’ll actually do
I get questions all the time about new workout or eating trends. The most common question is, “Jada, does it really work?” My answer is always YES! Every plan or program on the market can benefit your body. The only time plans don’t work is when they are not followed. There is always going to be some new best ever workout trend, but don't feel like you have to jump on it! Choose a program that contains something you actually like to do, doesn't matter if it’s the new thing or the old thing! What matters is that your program contains these 3 elements: strength training, cardiovascular training and eating guidance of some kind. If you find something that you like to do with those 3 elements, your success rate will be sky high. Not every plan will align with how you may want your body to look, your likes or your personal healthy food preferences. Check out the details of a few different programs to find something with components that fit your style. Keep in mind that every program will have its challenging moments and that you might not LOVE everything about it. Your aim should be to have something in your plan that you can look forward to doing. Consider activities that you like (dancing, running, swimming, etc) and environments you like (being by yourself, outdoors, indoors, in groups, with a trainer, etc). Set yourself up to enjoy your workouts, not dread them.

3. Make it your job to INSPIRE others
Every time you go into a class, the gym or wherever you work out, decide that you will set the tone for everyone else. Decide that you will be the hardest working, happiest, most dedicated person there. This is not a competition, but an opportunity to encourage and inspire. Everyone pauses for a moment and looks around, searching for someone working hard enough to inspire them to finish the workout they’ve started. I’ve had those moments and I’m sure you have as well. Make it your business to be the person someone sees and because of you, they are motivated to not just finish, but finish well.

Let’s start this year strong together! Remember these tips and make New Year, New You happen.

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