Sunday, April 10, 2016

You Got This!!

I taught PE for many years at a middle school. One of the other teachers at my school had a phrase that she used frequently in her classroom to encourage the kids, letting them know that she believed in their abilities and they should too! If they struggled with an assignment, she would say “You got this!” and then give them some extra help time. If they shared a personal struggle, she would say “You got this!” and let them know she was there if they needed to talk or needed additional support. It was awesome because near the middle of that first year that she began to use this phrase, you would hear our students using the phrase to encourage each other. “You got this” became a way that everyone shared encouragement, support and motivation. Three simple words and an example from one person spread through a campus and changed the way students handled challenging moments.

Have you been hitting a few challenging moments in your fitness journey? Maybe it’s a lack of drive and determination, maybe the busyness of life is making it hard to be consistent with your workouts, maybe you don’t think you can come back because you just haven’t done anything fitness related in SO long…Well, let me tell you today YOU GOT THIS!!

Every day is a new one, matter of fact EACH moment is NEW and an opportunity for you to make changes in your fitness journey. Just like the awesome teacher from my story, I will not just TELL you that you got this and clap for you and then leave. I want to encourage you to take steps to make the change that you want to see. It doesn’t matter how far you are from your goal, or what decisions you used to make! You can begin to change for the better NOW, today. I believe in you! I believe in your abilities! I believe that step by step, you can become the best version of you that you have ever seen and felt! Remember, there are MANY ways to get to a healthy result. Choose something that you love, or at least like, when choosing a fitness activity. Don’t listen to anyone who insists that their way is the only way. While there are common principles like making beneficial food choices, being active and incorporating strength training, there are ENDLESS programs that bring these principles together in fun and creative ways.

Once you get back in your groove, don’t stop with just feeling good by yourself. Go out and encourage others! Share your story, encourage friends and family with your words and your example. Remember, it’s not about being perfect…THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! So take the pressure off and don’t hold yourself to an unattainable standard. Do your best with what you can. Share smiles and encouragement. Be real and honest in your journey. Remember that the most powerful examples often come from the most vulnerable moments.

Get up, get back on track, because you are worth it and…YOU GOT THIS!

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